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October 7, 2018

SambaSports Youth Agenda is a social platform created in February 2018 by youth and friends of youth from Kwale County, Kenya, to inspire and influence behavioural transformation in young boys and girls, through the use of targeted, integrated Sports&Skits activities.
The formation of SambaSports Youth Agenda was necessitated by a growing concern on the rate at which, teenagers and youth from Kwale, and Coast region in general, were degenerating to junks and drug addicts, juvenile criminals, forced labourers as well as suffering massive cases of trafficking in persons and the HIV/AIDS scourge.

State Of the Problem in Kwale

Kwale County is a proven hot spot for some of the most sensitive, emergent social problems, and their damaging outcomes. From the available statistics, Kwale paints a grim picture in relation to drugs and substance abuse, child trafficking and sexual exploitation, radicalization and violent extremism as well as youth susceptibility to HIV and AIDS pandemic.

  • On Drugs and substance abuse, the UNODC estimates that Kenya by 2017 had about 18,000 heroin addicts who progressed to IDUs (intravenous/injectable Drug Users). 10,000 of these cases are in Coast region, and Kwale alone account for at least 4500 cases! Most of these IDUs get tempted/recruited into drug abuse tendencies between the ages of 14-18 years, mostly when in transition to, or while in secondary school.
  • On HIV/AIDS pandemic, National AIDS Control Council, NACC, places Kwale as among the counties with highest HIV/AIDS prevalence of 7.9%, translating into around 52,000 kwale Citizens being HIV positive, with 35% of these people being adolescents and young youths between the ages of 10 to 22 years. Each year, at least 1005 adolescents in Kwale contract HIV.
  • On trafficking in persons, Kwale is the worst hit for two reasons, its proximity to the Tanzania border and the Mombasa sea port, and the fact that Diani is a global priority tourists destination. Statistics on child labour, teenage sex with tourists, and “beach syndrome” have completely disenfranchised efforts to educate children in Kwale.
  • Lastly, and most sensitive, is the question of radicalization and violent extremism in Kwale. In the last 4 years alone, at least 33 locals of Kwale, all Digos, were shot dead around extremist circumstances. Most of this happened along the corridor of Tiwi, Diani,Ukunda and Mwabungo. Human Rights Agenda put the number of Al shabaab returnees from kwale at 500 in the year 2017. The county commissioner, Mr. KutswaOlaka, was reported to have announced that only 48 returnees from Al Shabaab agreed to engage in the government amnesty, while more than 300 returnees were still at large, within Kwale. It was also anonymously reported that some returnees were busy recruiting adolescent boys and girls within Kwale, and hypnotizing them with radical ideas and behaviours.

The above statistics paints a worrisome trend. A trend that needs to be nipped or at least be mitigated from the root causes. Our young boys, mostly in their teenage years, are naive and vulnerable to bad influences. To make it worse, they are in the transition stage of adolescence, and might seek levels of influence, power and entitlement that are very dangerous to themselves, and the society. Something needs to be done to protect the adolescents and youths from themselves.

The Initiative
SambaSports uses the Targeted, Integrated Sports&Skits approach to “colour the world” of young people and to minimize their pull into juvenile habits predisposing them to drug abuse and juvenile crime. By making the lives of young people attractive, worth waking up to, with opportunities to explore positive influencing places and things, and the constant platforms to express themselves verbally, emotionally and skillwise, SambaSports greatly mitigates the vulnerabilities and risks of adolescents and teenagers to indulge in drug abuse, juvenile Crime and violent extremism.

The element of targeted and integrated can be expounded thus:

 Targeted because the initiative targets to engage adolescents boys and girls who risk the exposure to drug abuse, juvenile crime and promiscuity tendencies. Being in a physiological, mental, psychological and social transition, adolescents are predisposed to various decision making dilemmas that leave them vulnerable to abuse of drugs and aggression if not well guided. SambaSports reaches out to them, excites them positively, gives them a platform to express themselves, and an opportunity to seek guidance, support, advice and clarity on several matters affecting them.

 Integrated because the sports events include life skills technique training sessions, sensitization talks by organizations dealing with drug addicts rehabilitation and peace building, edutainment skits and performances to drive lessons into the adolescents, guest speeches by reknown academicians, engineers, doctors, advocates and other role models who motivate them to focus on education and discipline as a way of marketing their talents and shaping their lives.
Apart from the targeted integrated sports and skits, SambaSports also offers three more products to further prevent adolescents and teenagers from drug abuse and juvenile crime. These are:

1. Parental engagement to help mothers understand their roles in preventing way ward habits for their adolescent children. Trainings for parents done on this services.

2. Community service and motivational exposure visits for adolescents to colleges, universities and industries to influence the desire to build various careers.

3. Safe incubation Spaces, including resource centres for adolescents and teenagers learn life skills, to read motivational books and have access to an array of positively influential reading materials such as magazines, researches, journals, papers on matters affecting young people

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Meet The Team

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Nsinazo Waraka

Director Nsinazo Waraka is a Dynamic, Detail-oriented and Collaborative professional with broad experience in Senior strategic leadership and advisory roles.

Holding a Master of Science Degree, Development Finance, from University of Reading, UK, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology, Na. Nsinazo brings to the board a wealth of unbeatable experience in financial management and audit, policy analysis, strategic leadership as well as a passion for women empowerment.

Having worked for more than a decade at the Central Bank of Kenya, and managing a Media institution currently, SambaSports is safer in relation to tenets of financial accountability, PR and strategic visibility.

Dr. Mwanasiti Bendera

Dr. Mwanasiti Bendera is the current Director, Natural Resources Management and Infrastructure, at the Coast Development Authority.

A firm but soft spoken Motivational Speaker, Dr. Mwanasiti holds a PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Ecology, from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

She also holds a Masters Degree, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, from Egerton University.

Being a local girl, born and raised in Kwale County, Msambweni area, It is utter magical to have Dr. Siti in the board, as she signifies triumph from the perception that coastal people, especially girls, either don’t value education or just don’t do well. Studying Chemistry to a PhD level for a local girl is beyond pride, …it is testament to the fact that Impossible is an illusion.

Norah Chao

Holding a Masters Degree in Strategic Management from Kenya Methodist University, and a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Human Resources), Director Norah brings onboard an oversight capacity on the management aspect of the organization, particularly on Staff Welfare and wellness.

Director Norah works as a Human Resources officer for Teachers Service Commission, and she has achieved so much in terms of organizing the work force, capacity building and motivation of human resources.

Aside from her core work, Ms. Norah is an avid champion of Girls and Women Empowerment, which is a core pillar of our work at SambaSports Youth Agenda. To that end, she founded Nahugombe CBO, which is the platform she uses to engage girls and young women in Kinango, through Life Skills trainings and other strategic initiatives to prevent Sexual and Gender Based Violence, especially focusing on preventing Teenage Pregnancies in Kinango Sub county.

Joria Sudi Mwakwambirwa

Director Joria Sudi is a Program management expert, with at least 10 years of experience, managing projects at high levels, on behalf of a host of reputed international organizations.

Holding a Masters Degree in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, Director Joria brings a wealth of expertise to the board, in terms of program planning, management and oversight.

As if that wasn’t top drawer enough, Director is finalizing her Diploma in Counselling Psychology from Amani Counseling and Training Institute, to augment her authority in the current dynamic spheres of program management, where the Globe is keen on Mental Wellness.

For @SambaSports Youth Agenda, Mental Wellness, community care and relational well-being are foundational to all our projects, therefore, it is well fitting to have oversight personnel that appreciate and influence that aspect of our work.

Part of her great work has been appreciated at Forum for International Cooperation where she has steadily grown through the ranks since 2013, Chemonics International Inc., Kwetu Training Centre, Kwetu Training Centre, and many more.

Nicholas Kisara

Director Nick is a tested and proven management consultant, thriving in the banking sector as an award winning Sales Manager over a span of 16 years.

Winning annual Sales awards at Barclays Bank (2009), Barclays Bank (2010), NIC Bank (2013), and Chase Bank (2015), Director Nick has been a proven force in his management duties at the highest levels in banking, something that he brings to the table at SambaSports.

Apart from sales management, Director Nick thrived as a Relationship Manager at Housing Finance Limited, bringing on board top leaders and influencers to the bank during his tenure.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Leadership from the Management University of Africa, and Bachelors of Business Management from Mount Kenya University, Nairobi, Director Nick is not just a management consultant, but also an avid community engager, passionate contributor to Youth empowerment initiatives.

For SambaSports to have Director Nick sit on the Board is a massive win, and a catalyst for transformative attitude cultivation in our programs.

Director Juma Nassoro

Director Juma Nassoro is an astute Community Program management expert, with at least 8 years of project management experience with reputed organizations, across the coastal region of Kenya.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Nairobi, Director Juma exudes skills and significant capacity matrix in the field of Environmental management, Climate Action, Agriculture, Mental Health, ICT, Data & Analytics, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship.

Over the last 8 years, Director Juma has left legacies from his Management roles at National Cohesion and Integration Commission (Community Policing Trainer), KEMRI ( Tumikia Project), Global Trauma Project, and currently Program Manager at HERI-Kenya ( Health & Environmental Research Institute.

Director Juma brings dynamism, passion and a lens of diversity to SambaSports Youth Agenda.

Mwanaisha Kuwania
Co-Founder, Gender & Special Programs Coordinator
Coming from a Media background and a renown thespian, having graced the stage on Participatory Educative Theatre with SAFE Pwani organization, and also involved in local soap operas on national television, Mwanaisha found her niche with community development, with a special lens on girls empowerment.
Having come from a village life in the interior of Kwale County, Mwanaisha was met with restrictive cultures and traditions, with even parents not fully appreciating the power of arts and other alternatives in empowering girls and boys in general. Through that experience, Mwanaisha has found the passion, the zeal and commitment to use arts, skits and values infusion, to lift girls and young women to their dreams.
Apart from her Diploma in Mass Communication  from Aviation College, she has, over the years at SambaSports, gained unbeatable skills and experiences in Facilitation skills, Value Based Education, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Child protection, Life Skills techniques and Mental Health support through the Kumekucha, Kumekucha Quest models and the tree of Life Model of mental health sensitization skills gained from her two weeks training in Zimbabwe.
Mwanaisha comes along as a charismatic young female leader, who has held forte for most of the female SambaSports team members, who joined SambaSports as volunteer Girl mentors under her coordination.
Mariam Mohammed
Drug Abuse Counselor

Mariam has a background in Community Development and Social Work. She is a trained Mediator and Trauma Counselor. Mariam is a ToT on Value-Based Education and an ambassador to Young Cities. She shares a considerable amount of experience in her work with the community playing various roles as Girl Child mentor, Trauma Counselor for youths and adolescents, and mediating. Mariam is a long-serving Project Assistant for the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Induction project. She shares the unending passion for community service also traveling and socializing describe her best interests.

Abigael Ndizi Kavithu

Abigael is an enthusiastic and passionate mentor for adolescents in school with a reputable public speaking ability. She is pursuing education at Kenyatta University. Her interest in child protection has seen her pursuing a certificate in child and drug abuse counselling at Amani Training Institute College. She has been a member since 2018, seeing herself be part of several projects including the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Induction (ASRHI) and Kumekucha Quest. Abigael enjoys inspiring and influencing healthier behavior among adolescents—sees herself as an agent of change.

Riziki Hamisi Mwakusirikwa

Riziki shares a wealth of experience in community development. She is trained as a trainer of trainers adequately in several areas including life skills, crime prevention, and counselling. Riziki is also pursuing a diploma un counselling psychology at Amani Training Institute College. She is an active advocate on GBV, land issues, women and youth mentorship. Her love for the community has seen her through various projects including Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Induction (ASRHI), Shared Futures Project, and Kumekucha Quest