Through our Targeted, Integrated Sports, Arts, Life Skills, Value Infusion and mental health support model, complimented by a Human Centered Design approach, we design contextually relevant excitingly experiential and participatory programs, projects and activities suited to address root causes of societal challenges, and not just the visible symptoms.

TISAs - Targeted Integrated Sports, Arts and Life Skills Tournaments
Attracting teenagers and youth through sporting activities, then offering them opportunities to express themselves through dialogues and life skills trainings.
Life Skills Trainings

Through experiential/participatory sessions, we facilitate teens to self-reflect on their identity, finding their self awareness, self acceptance, key strengths, key challenges and acquiring coping mechanisms.

Parental Guidance and Coaching

Most rural parents struggle with modern parental skills. Through Skits, Arts and dialogues, we impart new nuances into positive parenting, alternative discipline skills and better ways to appreciate and support digital generation children.

Arts, Skits, Expos and Performances
Arts is the best way to communicate. Through theme-relevant plays, skits, music and performances, we reinforce topical education and sensitization to adolescents and youth, especially touching on dangers of substance abuse, teenage pregnancies and violence.
Youth Influencers

Selection of and continuous training of adolescent ambassadors of Peace, as positive influencers of their peers in schools, villages and homes. This creates a depth and width of positive vibes, mentorship and role models.

Mental Health Care & Support

With stress, trauma and depression sky-rocketing due to multitudes of social and economic challenges, and contributing to devastating count on suicide cases, we intentionally roll out village level weekly community care and relational well-being sessions to disenfranchised youth.

Intercultural and interfaith Cohesion & Collaboration

The world was being duped to see "other" faiths, cultures and religions as the sources of our problems. Responding to such tired clichés, we intentionally engage diverse teens and youth from across cultures, faiths and social backgrounds to bond and collaborate through sports, skits and dialogues.


Boys, Girls, Youth and Adults Reached


Girls Trained on SRHR


Children Trained On Life Skills


Parents Trained On Positive Parenting

Our actvities are mainly based in Kwale.

SambaSports is the vehicle created to bring all these individuals, to create synergy and impact.


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