Mission Vision


To “colour” the world of young people through social platforms to express themselves, nurture their talents and build their careers.


Unleashing a world of possibilities for young people.

Target Groups

Teenagers and their parents,students, Muslim preachers, Pastors ,Kaya Elders
and the Mainstream society.


  1. To provide safe platforms for adolescents/teenagers to learn and express themselves positively,viaTargetted, Integrated Sports&Skits events tominimize the risk of their indulgence in Drug Abuse, juvenile Crime and violent extremism
  2. To foster peaceful coexistence among Muslims, Christians and traditionalists in Kwale County through the use of targeted, integrated sports&Skits events.
  3. To engage, train and mentor adolescent girls to mitigate their vulnerability to the risk of drug abuse, early sexual debuts and HIV infection.


  1. One day integrated mini-soccer tournaments,
  2. Lifeskills technique trainings for teenage players
  3. Peace themed dialogues, skits, performances and peace building sermons
  4. Integrated parents meetings, sensitizing them on the value of peace,
  5. Training parents on peace grooming for parents of teenagers
  6. Selection of and continuous training of adolescent ambassadors of Peace, as positive influencers of their peers in schools, villages and homes.
  7. Exposure visits and continuous mentorship for teenage ambassadors of peace.
  8. Interdenominational meetings for madrasas and churches, with sermons and dialogue