• Mukhtar Ogle

    EBS, OGW, Secretary, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the President pays a courtesy call to Samba Sports.

  • University Students from KU motivate High School Students at Moi Kadzondzo

  • Action

    coloring the world of young people

  • We are Winners

    Mwakigwena Girls Singing victory songs after finishing their relay on the sack race during the GalPower Fun-Day at Diani.

  • Its Ours

    Bongwe Primary School Girls celebrating their victory in the filling the bottle competition during the GalPower Fun-Day event

  • Girls Fun

    Girls having fun as they cheer their team during the GalPower fun day at Diani Babla.

  • Samba Activities

    This is what you get to experience when you attend our events,Talent,Discipline and real game!!!

  • We Instill Hope

    We at Samba instill hope in the young generation to focus on building their future by resisting drugs and embracing talent.

  • Motivating the boys

    "Remember that your biggest talent is more than your biggest fear", says Ras Mangale a Samba Member as he addresses young boys during a tournament.

  • Motivation

    "Youth itself is a talent,a perishable talent",advises Sambas Head of Communication and Partnerships Mr. Mohamed Mwachausa.

  • Talent and Discipline

    Young boys keenly listening to a Samba Member inspiring them to resist drugs and embrace football.

Bouncing Back from Economic Effects of Covid-19.

May 29, 2022

Covid-19 has disrupted and affected what we all call normal around the world. Its effects have had a major impact on young people especially in developing countries where they are prone to vulnerabilities like drug abuse, crime, and violence extremism; just to mention a few. Unemployment is one of the major challenges faced by youth

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US Ambassador Visits SambaSports

February 17, 2022

SambaSports had the privilege and honor to play host to the most powerful American citizen in Kenya, the Charge d’Affaires ad Interim, Mr. Eric W. Kneedler—interim US AMBASSADOR to Kenya. This goes without missing to mention that the entire team at SambaSports was overly excited with faces brimming with overstated euphoria and unmatched gratitude and

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Benchmarking with SambaSports on PVE

January 21, 2022

Through the stewardship and coordination of Human Rights Agenda (HURIA), and funded by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), SambaSports Youth Agenda hosted PVE actors from Kwale, Nakuru and Isiolo Counties, lead by their respective County Commissioners and Mr. Njenga Miiri from National Counter-terrorism Center, who came for benchmarking mission. As the Pillar head and

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