Through our Targeted, Integrated Sports, Arts, Life Skills, Value Infusion and mental health support model, complimented by a Human Centered Design approach, we design contextually relevant excitingly experiential and participatory programs, projects and activities suited to address root causes of societal challenges, and not just the visible symptoms.

TISAs - Targeted Integrated Sports, Arts and Life Skills Tournaments
Attracting teenagers and youth through sporting activities, then offering them opportunities to express themselves through dialogues and life skills trainings.
Life Skills Trainings
Through experiential/participatory sessions, we facilitate teens to self-reflect on their identity, finding their self awareness, self acceptance, key strengths, key challenges and acquiring coping mechanisms.

Parental Guidance and Coaching
Most rural parents struggle with modern parental skills. Through Skits, Arts and dialogues, we impart new nuances into positive parenting, alternative discipline skills and better ways to appreciate and support digital generation children.

Arts, Skits, Expos and Performances
Arts is the best way to communicate. Through theme-relevant plays, skits, music and performances, we reinforce topical education and sensitization to adolescents and youth, especially touching on dangers of substance abuse, teenage pregnancies and violence.
Youth Influencers
Selection of and continuous training of adolescent ambassadors of Peace, as positive influencers of their peers in schools, villages and homes. This creates a depth and width of positive vibes, mentorship and role models.

Mental Health Care & Support
With stress, trauma and depression sky-rocketing due to multitudes of social and economic challenges, and contributing to devastating count on suicide cases, we intentionally roll out village level weekly community care and relational well-being sessions to disenfranchised youth.

Intercultural and interfaith Cohesion & Collaboration
The world was being duped to see "other" faiths, cultures and religions as the sources of our problems. Responding to such tired clichés, we intentionally engage diverse teens and youth from across cultures, faiths and social backgrounds to bond and collaborate through sports, skits and dialogues.


Boys, Girls, Youth and Adults Reached


Girls Trained on SRHR


Children Trained On Life Skills


Parents Trained On Positive Parenting


Our impact from the lens of those involved...

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Joe Smith Manager, SHIFT, USA.
You guys are exceptional in your youth Empowerment work through Sports. You have creatively used Sports, Fun and Games to influence youth to dream positively again.


Nasiphi Nas Kafu Director, PeacePlayers, South Africa
SambaSports feels like home! I can't imagine going back to Durban, South Africa, after all this fun and excitement with the youth in the field. Your home based approach, care and humility makes them feel like a family .You truly give them a purpose for their existence. Kudos SambaSports.


Hon. Athman Mwamwiri Member Of County Assembly, Mombasa.
I travel all the way from Mombasa to come to Kwale County, just to witness what SambaSports is doing with the young generation! For us in Mombasa County, we are jealous of what Mohamed Mwachausa is doing to Kwale community, transforming the lives of vulnerable youth through SambaSports. We see SambaSports as a mentorship hub, guiding youth to possibilities of rising to their dreams.

Lucy Ndemo Deputy County Commissioner ,Matuga, Kwale.
Mbarikiwe sana SambaSports. Kazi yenu ipate kibali mbele za Mungu.Ipate kugusa na kugeuza mawazo potovu na nia mbaya za waja.? "May God Bless You SambaSports for your exemplary work. May you be lifted high enough to transform more lives of those astray.

From our YouTube Channel



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Mwanaisha Kuwania
Co-Founder, Gender & Special Programs Coordinator
Coming from a Media background and a renown thespian, having graced the stage on Participatory Educative Theatre with SAFE Pwani organization, and also involved in local soap operas on national television, Mwanaisha found her niche with community development, with a special lens on girls empowerment.
Having come from a village life in the interior of Kwale County, Mwanaisha was met with restrictive cultures and traditions, with even parents not fully appreciating the power of arts and other alternatives in empowering girls and boys in general. Through that experience, Mwanaisha has found the passion, the zeal and commitment to use arts, skits and values infusion, to lift girls and young women to their dreams.
Apart from her Diploma in Mass Communication  from Aviation College, she has, over the years at SambaSports, gained unbeatable skills and experiences in Facilitation skills, Value Based Education, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Child protection, Life Skills techniques and Mental Health support through the Kumekucha, Kumekucha Quest models and the tree of Life Model of mental health sensitization skills gained from her two weeks training in Zimbabwe.
Mwanaisha comes along as a charismatic young female leader, who has held forte for most of the female SambaSports team members, who joined SambaSports as volunteer Girl mentors under her coordination.
Mariam Mohammed
Drug Abuse Counselor

Mariam has a background in Community Development and Social Work. She is a trained Mediator and Trauma Counselor. Mariam is a ToT on Value-Based Education and an ambassador to Young Cities. She shares a considerable amount of experience in her work with the community playing various roles as Girl Child mentor, Trauma Counselor for youths and adolescents, and mediating. Mariam is a long-serving Project Assistant for the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Induction project. She shares the unending passion for community service also traveling and socializing describe her best interests.

Abigael Ndizi Kavithu

Abigael is an enthusiastic and passionate mentor for adolescents in school with a reputable public speaking ability. She is pursuing education at Kenyatta University. Her interest in child protection has seen her pursuing a certificate in child and drug abuse counselling at Amani Training Institute College. She has been a member since 2018, seeing herself be part of several projects including the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Induction (ASRHI) and Kumekucha Quest. Abigael enjoys inspiring and influencing healthier behavior among adolescents—sees herself as an agent of change.

Riziki Hamisi Mwakusirikwa

Riziki shares a wealth of experience in community development. She is trained as a trainer of trainers adequately in several areas including life skills, crime prevention, and counselling. Riziki is also pursuing a diploma un counselling psychology at Amani Training Institute College. She is an active advocate on GBV, land issues, women and youth mentorship. Her love for the community has seen her through various projects including Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Induction (ASRHI), Shared Futures Project, and Kumekucha Quest

Amina Chombo
Head of Media and PR team
Famously known as Da Amina, owing to her big heart and mentoring many youngsters in the broadcast media industry, Amina stands tall, towering over decades of media broadcast experience and networking.
Since she works full time at Voice of America, swahili, Amina uses her free time to volunteer her skills, guidance and mentorship to a talented team of media enthusiasts at SambaSports.
Holding a Diploma in Mass Communication and journalism, Amina is one of the most instrumental media personalities, an astute MC and broadcaster. She has mentored countless young men and women in the media fraternity.
Wendy Baraza

Wendy is a high school teacher with demonstrated communication skills both verbal and written. She regards herself as compassionate, dedicated, enthusiastic, and goal-driven. She believes in her commitment towards educational and social development of learners. Wendy’s satisfaction comes from serving the community through inspiring and influencing healthy behavior among adolescents and young people—with her work in the English Access Microscholarship program.

Mohamed Mwachausa
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Mohamed is a seasoned, passionate and committed community mobiliser, program management consultant, and youth empowerment enthusiast.
Having worked and held top management positions in international NGOs, Mohamed brings to SambaSports organization a wealth of experience, skills and network that can influence rapid growth in programs, institutional capacity and partnerships building. His experience includes 9 years working with USAID APHIA programs on health systems strengthening, Senior Coastal Counties Coordinator at NCBA Clusa International, OVC focal person at Pathfinder International, Coast and North Eastern Regional Program Manager at The Aga Khan Foundation, Deputy PC at Medecins Sans Frontieres (Level 12, the highest level for a National staff) and National Programs Manager at Search For Common Ground.
With a Masters Degree level of formal Education, in Project Planning and Management, and several short trainings in leadership grooming, program management, SRHR, peacebuilding and teambuilding, Mohamed stands as an influential mentor to young volunteers coming through the SambaSports mentorship based systems.
Cephas Juma Otieno
Co-Founder and Programs Coordinator
Coming from a pastoral leadership as a theologist and centre leader, Cephas brings a balanced leadership to the organization.Apart from being a theology graduate, Cephas has been well trained as a facilitator on mental health and psychosocial support, program management and Value Based Education.
Recently, Cephas was trained on Middle Management Training on Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism by the National Counter-terrorism Centre and ministry of interior and coordination, kenya.
Jumatatu Salim Yingi
Deputy Sports Coordinator
At 24 years, Jumatatu is one of the youngest team leaders at SambaSports. Having been engaged first as a beneficiary of mental health and livelihood empowerment through the Shared Futures project in 2020, as a Maskani youth in Kwale, Jumatatu underwent behavioural transformation and one year later in July 2021, applied and joined the organization as a volunteer.
Through his commitment, devotion and valued contribution to the organization, Jumatatu endeared himself to the team and found himself rising through the ranks to a full member of the organization and got lifted to the position of deputy sports coordinator.
Jumatatu is a career goalkeeper, playing for a local Club, Talibase FC, and also the SambaSports team.
Jumatatu is finalizing his Diploma Studies on Criminology at East African Institute For Certified Studies. Additionally, he has been trained vastly on Child protection, Trauma Healing and Resilience framework, Report writing and Life Skills Techniques training.
Salim Mohamed Malumbo
Monitoring and Evaluation Focal Person
Salim is a versatile engager and experienced programs implementor from his stints with various local organizations. Having been trained on Information Technology from the Technical University of Mombasa, Salim developed an interest in project management, and later Monitoring and Evaluation.
His capacity in Monitoring and Evaluation is beyond doubt, and his additional trainings in Project Monitoring and evaluation, Project management (short courses), Value Based Education and Life Skills Techniques have placed him well to steer better the M&E aspects of our projects.
Bakari Bugu Bakari
Sports Coordinator
Bakari is a very skilled and talented footballer from the best Beach sand community of Diani. He is an adept engager, very disciplined and committed to his work.Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Disaster Management from Masinde Muliro University, Bakari creatively utilizes his disaster management skills to empower young people through the Sports Based Youth Development model.
While at SambaSports, Bakari has benefited from further mentorship and trainings on Value Based Education, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Mental health sensitization facilitation and First Aid training.
Ali Mabavu
Project Officer , Shared Futures Project

Ali is a seasoned community mobilizer , data collector and project implementer in Kwale County. With 9 years experience in community development spheres, Ali brings a wealth of contextual understanding and network that transcends diverse ages, cohorts, cultures and traditions.

Trained in ICT, holding a Diploma in Computer Science and information processing from Mombasa Aviation College, later trained in data entry and research, Ali got pulled to program work through many years of collecting data relating to numerous social challenges.

While at SambaSports, Ali has benefitted from continuous mentorship and various. capacity enhancement opportunities including Mental Health sensitization skills, Leadership and Governance, child protection and life skills techniques.

Ibrahim Kennedy Premji
Finance Assistant

Ibrahim holds a Diploma in Entreprenu=eurship Management from the Kenya Institute of Management, and also a certified Public Accountant with a bias in program management. He comes out as a very mature debater and analyst of community development contexts, even as his background is finance.

Benefitting from Entrepreneurship Management, Results based management training, Skills in prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, and Value Based Education, Ibrahim sits on a rich pool of skills that help him navigate the dynamic context of program support at SambaSports.