Juma Mwakishando

March 20, 2016

Juma is a football wizard! He played football at the highest level in Kenya, including playing for Mathare in Nairobi 2004 -226, KBS 227-229, Pumwani Sportiff 2010-2012. Juma enrolled for coaching lessons, and is an accredited FIFA coach, accredited FIFA junior soccer coach, and has the prestigious KNVB coaching badge from Netherlands.

Juma started coaching youth teams in Nairobi in 2013, then came back home to Likoni where he started the Likoni Community Football League. The league has been a great success, and is all over on social media. Check it on facebook.

Donors started coming to support Likoni football league, and because he had not signed any MOUs with the donors, he found himself being fought by committee members who wanted to control the finances.  Juma left LCFL last year to start fresh ventures in Tiwi, Kwale County.He had coaching roles with LICODEP organization and Mtongwe Community Initiative MCI.

Juma is currently the school coach for Tiwi Girls Secondary school, as well as getting short stints with other school teams and other soccer events.Specifically, Juma commands a lot of respect in the football fraternity in Coast region, and is a massive mobilizer and sporting events organizer.

Contacts: 0714 927 133