Maskani Transformation

February 8, 2021

We continue to inspire transformative socioeconomic progress to at-risk youth in local social hangouts, commonly known as Maskanis.

Hitherto perceived to be hot-beds of evil and negative peer influence, SambaSports Youth Agenda, through the #SharedFutures project, is slowly but steadily influencing a paradigm shift in the way Maskanis are perceived.

Through Maskani Transformation, Chachawiza Maskani, and Mental health support sessions, the Shared Futures project has been shifting the negative energy context of Maskanis, to a context of hope, optimism, exuberance, and belief for a better future, which seemed extremely far fetched during our initial dialogues with them in late 2019.

Today was the turn of Duzer boys Maskani, from Kombani, who were supported with a Vacuum Cleaner with which to start-up dry cleaning and vacuum cleaning business. Their dream is to progressively become the most reliable cleaning agents in Kombani township.

In the same week, Ng’ombeni, Shikaadabu, and Kombani ladies Maskanis were supported to register self-help groups as official entities with which to transact business with public and private sector players, as well as access loans and grants for their economic activities.

Last month, the project saw the Kombani ladies Maskani and Magutu Maskani receive a Juice maker for their juice parlor business. The Magutu Maskani also was supported in procuring some equipment for their Internet Cyber Cafe business.

In the same month, Mwaroni Maskani received a banner for their reinvigorated CBO, to increase visibility and believability in the process of seeking meaningful partnerships.

Other Maskanis in Shikaadabu, Kona Ya Mtongwe, Kombani ladies, and Mivumoni have all been supported to register their Maskanis as legal entities, and are at various advanced stages of receiving their business start-up kits.

The Shared Futures project is funded by Kerk in Actie, through ICCO Corporation.


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