A Momentous visit by Mr. Mukhtar Ogle

January 26, 2021

EBS, OGW, Secretary, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the President.

What more can one ask for, when the genius of a man, passionate and analytical on youth innovations, an enabler of youth initiatives, superlative connector and advisor to the President of the Republic Of Kenya, visits you?

The visit by Mr. Mukhtar A Ogle was, to say the least, breathtaking!!

It was never envisaged in the horizon, not in the cards, and suddenly, through our gracious partnership with Swahilipot Hub, and Tech Kidz Africa, it happened. Thank you #Mahmud_Noor and Paul Akwabi for your trust, your honesty and selfless zeal to see the youth of Kwale grow to meet their dreams.

Mr. Ogle took a tour of the SambaSports premises, including the offices, the library, the ICT space, and the rooms where we intend to start free tailoring and dressmaking courses for at risk young women, and the room where we intend to establish a small recording studio for talented youth.

During the round, Mr. Ogle was taken through an exhibition of what SambaSports does, including the tools by which we employ to derive our success in inspiring and influencing healthier behavior in young people.

Mr. Mukhtar Ogle showed admiration on the work done by SambaSports, and congratulated the team for a sterling job, while at the same time pushing the team to do more to transform youth in Kwale.

Later, he and his team met a set of 30 youth, drawn from various Maskanis for a candid talk on matters Youth Empowerment. The youth expressed themselves on the key challenges affecting their lives, and later recommended innovative solutions that would support them, craft solutions for society challenges, earn public trust and achieve their dreams as CHANGE DRIVERS.

Mr. Ogle sampled some of the doable ideas and promised to support through linking SambaSports and the youth to a network of public and private partners that would collaborate to help them achieve their dreams.

He encouraged the youth from the various grassroots networks especially the emerging women leaders to step their role, be more visible and encouraged the participants to have self belief in their latent potential and God given capabilities of achieving their aspirations . He cautioned the youth against overly critical of government and of everything, desist from unfocused lamentations, instead pounce on the several opportunities provided by the government (both national and County levels), and private sector to spur self development and their respective communities transformation .

He challenged each youth to ask themselves what is it that they are doing to help themselves, and other hard-to-reach youth.

Mr Ogle urged the youth to embrace a paradigm shift in terms of the change journey , benchmark with success stories in other Counties such as Laikipia, Makueni and Kisumu so as to flourish and thrive in every available possibilities.

The visit by Mr Ogle and his powerful team of think tanks, including Eric Nyamwaro and #Philip_Pande, heralds a new dawn, not just at SambaSports Youth Agenda, but in the lives of Kwale County youth in general.

Just so that we don’t get excited and spill all the beans, it will be instructive to divulge that “Yajayo, Yafurahisha”…what’s in store is wholly exciting.

The #Kwale_Innovation_Hub is in the offing.

Mbuyu pia, ulianza Kama mchicha.


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