Month: January 2021

A Momentous visit by Mr. Mukhtar Ogle

January 26, 2021

EBS, OGW, Secretary, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the President. What more can one ask for, when the genius of a man, passionate and analytical on youth innovations, an enabler of youth initiatives, superlative connector and advisor to the President of the Republic Of Kenya, visits you? The visit by Mr. Mukhtar A Ogle was, to

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Adding Value to Maskani Hangouts

January 22, 2021

#Influencing_A_Paradign_Shift Working with spaces that the community has condemned as dirty or outcast needs divine inspiration. Working with Vulnerable Maskani Youth has been one of the risks that we took as an organization, and we are ecstatic to report that it has paid off handsomely. The Maskanis are largely condemned as “No Go Zones”, and

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