Shining Stars Nurturing Young Stars Telenovela Diva Caroline Rita, aka #Pili and Daughter

June 21, 2019

Star actress Caroline Rita aka Pili of #Maza television series was a star attraction, alongside her daughter, as they wowed the excited young girls during the 3rd Edition of the #GalPower_Fun_Day.

The #GalPower_Initiative, whose objectives are to offer a platform for young girls to express themselves, and to inspire and influence healthier behaviour in their school life as they pursue their dreams, this time attracted highly dignified guests from the Talents world, private sector and corporate world. Not able guests included:
+ a team from the #AgaKhanFoundation, who were also the main sponsors of the event,
+students&tutors from the #AgaKhanAcademy
+ Staff From #Safaricom
+ A team from #DreaADream_India
+ #COEC – Coast Education Centre
+ Radio Kaya etc

Caroline amazed the crowd with her oratory eloquence and charisma, as she advised those young talents after watching them perform in plays, choral verses, cultural dances and traditional songs.

Caroline, who is also the Producer of the new TV series, #Kisasa, encouraged the Adolescent girls and assured that #focus, #dedication and #self_discipline were the surest ways of horning their skills and achieving their career dreams.

She was inspired to witness how SambaSports Youth Agenda continuously created safe spaces for young girls to thrive in their dreams.

Thanks Caroline for #ColouringTheWorldOfYoungGirls.

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