Reinforcing Values Thro’ Fun & Games

June 21, 2019

One of the Four (4) Core Values that we intended to reinforce during the #GalPower_Fun_Day was the value of appreciating Diversity and inspire inclusion of people of all walks of life.

Thanks to our partners #Aga_Khan_Academy, who brought young girls of Arabian, Indian and English origins to mingle with the Digos, durumas and other cosmopolitan mix of tribes at GalPower Fun Day, these values were abundantly reinforced, as the young girls from diverse backgrounds, all bonded in teamwork to produce wonderful products for their respective teams of the day.

Young people shouldn’t necessarily be taught to coexist, they SHOULD be LET to coexist, as they always do that seamlessly everytime they are afforded the opportunity. They see each other as a new found friend, as an opportunity to play and have fun.

We, the adults are the problem. We are the Chauvinists, sexists, tribal, racists and other frames of decaying values in our society. We are the problem because we see everything from a selfish lens.

Let us learn from the children.
We will be safer, and happier.


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