Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts……Every Girl Got a Gift.

June 21, 2019

Through our observations over the many months of our operation, it has been evident that most Adolescent Boys and Girls in our area of coverage lack the very basic needs in their lives.

Most of them lack necessities like
#Panties etc

For vulnerable girls, their inability to access these basic amenities is their highest predesposing factor to the risk of indulging in transactional sex in order to gain some cash to buys such needful but scarce items in their lives.

By so doing, many fall prey to predatory men who impregnate them and haul them out of school.

SambaSports Youth Agenda realized that fact and we have ever since, made efforts to mobilize lots of basic amenities for the young girls and boys that are beneficiaries of our Integrated sports, skits and Life Skills, and also the #GalPower_Initiative.

On Saturday, during the #GalPower_Fun_Day, all the 240 participating Adolescent girls were awarded Panties, Sanitary towels, books, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, bathing soaps and Combs as necessary ameties to keep them safe and comfortable while attending school.


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