VBE Facilitators Training

April 30, 2019

A SambaSports Youth Agenda team of 12 members has been undergoing a rigorous training as facilitators of Value Based Education approaches at The Aga Khan Foundation Coast Region Boardroom for two days.

The training, facilitated by expert VBE trainers from the UK, has been an added value to the team, as it thrusts them into the lives of young boys and girls, with extra playful, informative, engaging and exciting modules that are a sure bet to hook the children back to school, and to heal their underlying, lingering stresses, trauma or bad moods.

SambaSports is privileged to receive this Organizational Capacity boost that will go a long way into positioning the organization as a go to partner on matters children health, children education and children behaviour transformation.

Thanks Aga Khan Foundation for this great opportunity, and thanks to POTUS for funding such an inspirational project.


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