SambaSports Ladies Excite Adolescent Girls at Bongwe

April 10, 2019

A section of the SambaSports ladies today were on a mission to Colour the World Of Adolescent Girls at Bongwe Primary School, Ukunda, Kwale.The ladies, comprising Khadija Swaleh, Biasha Said, Mwanaisha Kuwania and Da Amina Chombo took a few refreshments packs to the school girls, Bongwe Primary School being part of the 7 schools benefitting from the GalPower Mentorship Initiative that started early this year.

As part of the plan today, the SambaSports ladies organized a friendly leg ball match (ladies soccer) with Bongwe’s Under-13 girls team A and team B, and had themselves selected to play in the teams as well.Later, they engaged the girls in a motivational dialogue to reflect on the match, but also their life, their situation, their ambitions, their dreams.

This was a small treat as part of crowning the end of term one, which set the pace for the GalPower Mentorship pilot initiative, building trust and allowing the adolescent girls’ safe space and platform to express themselves and explore endless possibilities with their lives.

The girls were so happy and super excited today after playing and mingling with their own “big Sisters” who have shown love and compassion to them during at least 5 mentorship visits to their school this past term to inspire hope and belief for their abilities as future young career women.


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