Parents Orientation On VBE, Mwabungo.

April 10, 2019

The day 2 of Parents orientation on Values Based Education took the SambaSports team to Mwabungo Primary school, today 3rd April 2019.As planned, the meeting was meant to trigger discussions around social challenges found in children that correlate directly with erosion of core values and ethics.

Again, the parents actively engaged the SambaSports facilitators on their key concerns around negative social behaviours that manifest in their children which reflect decay of morals, values and ethics.

The parental core concerns given today included Drugs and Substance Abuse, teenage pregnancies, poor parental nurturing skills and lack of spiritual guidance.

The key values that Mwabungo parents prioritized were:
+ Respect
+ Faith
+ Mentorship

Later, as an outcome of the meeting, the parents recommended their own self-driven strategies to infuse values and restore dignity to their children and Mwabungo community at large.

The VBE project is Funded by #PORTCUS, and Implemented by various partners under the leadership of #The_Aga_Khan_Foundation.


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