Hosting Strong Cities Partners

April 1, 2019

Today #SambaSports_Youth_Agenda was lucky to host a team of Visitors from #ISD in the United Kingdom, UK, who are proponents of the famous #STRONG_CITIES_NETWORK.

Sabine, Kelsty and Moustafa are visiting Youth-led local initiatives with a view to establishing partnerships in staff capacity building and institutional strengthening.

With this visit, SambaSports stands a great chance to profit from further continuous capacity enhancement, and furtherance in maturing into the Peacebuilding context from a global perspective.

We wish to sincerely thank our partners #HURIA through their ED Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu, whose continued collaboration and linkages yielded this value-adding partnership.

We say hats off, and Kongole to the SambaSports team members who, despite a very busy schedule of activities in the field this week, still found time to prepare and host our guests today. Thanks for being selfless and Special.


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