Visit By Japan Government

February 26, 2019

Today, Monday 25th Feb 2019, SambaSports had the momentous privilege of hosting a delegation from #Government_Of_Japan, #Japanese_Embassy in Kenya, #UNDP, #UNWomen and #NDMA Team, coordinated by our Kwale County NDMA officials.

The Visit was a fact-finding mission to understand SambaSports as an organization, the objectives, our activities as well as checking whether the tent and Chairs donated to us had any impact on our field activities.

The visit was ably organized by a dedicated SambaSports team, who threw in lots of creativity and innovations to stage a breathtaking welcoming and a robust dialogue with the visitors.

#Kayamba_Dance. #Korosho #Mabibo. #Madafu. #Machungwa hayaaaaa!

The visitors were mesmerized by the work done by SambaSports in preventing #Drugs_And_Substance_Abuse, #Juvenile_Crime, #Mitigating_Teenage_Pregnancies and

It was amazing for them to hear of the rare dedication invested by members to volunteer services for their community. They lauded the team and pledged their support in various other ways to sustain the indoors as well as field programs.

Thank you Government of Japan, UNDP, UNWomen and NDMA for this special gift of your visit.

We are humbled by your encouragement.

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