Home Grown Talents to Inspire young gilrs in Kwale

February 15, 2019

Mama Sikukuu Khamis ( #Leah), was born and raised in Tiwi, Kwale County. She is coming “home” to inspire and influence young girls to chase their dreams during the #SambaSports Youth Agenda’s #GalPower_Fun_Day event at Waa Play Grounds, on 23rd Feb 2019.

Coming from a family of 8 siblings, Sikukuu lost her father at a very tender age, at class 5. Their mother, now a widow, struggled to raise 8 children single handedly – selling Mahamri and Kaimati, and she had no education nor other skills to find jobs or bigger businesses.

Struggling through thick and thin, Sikukuu discovered her superior acting talents while at Form 4. An adjudicator from KBC, a Mr. Mambo Hazari, discovered the special talent in her and urged her to focus on nurturing it.

Just like any other #girl, detractors #discouraged her from acting, and others prevailing over her mother to #block her from acting, with the #myths and #misconceptions that acting would make her a #prostitute!!

Sikukuu still managed to convince her mother, and she #pursued her dream in acting.

-Mama Sikukuu managed to pay the rest of her high school fees as well as college fees through acting.

– Later, as her star grew bigger, she was involved in more lucrative acting contracts, including lead roles in #Moyo, #Lea_Mwana, #Zingatia, #Nira and now the talk of town, #MAZA series.

-Mama Sikukuu built her mother a house through proceeds from acting, and bought her own house as well.

– Her two children are completing their University Degrees this year, God Willing, having taken self-sponsored courses. All paid by what she earns from acting!!

Come and inspire your daughters, Mama.



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