Big Screen Stars to inspire young girl-Talents In Kwale

February 15, 2019

Angie Magio (#Kate) personifies the #MAZA analogy in the hypnotizing TV sensation, #MAZA Series. She is coming to Kwale this month to inspire and influence young girls to dream big, despite their challenges and weaknesses. She will be a star attraction during the #GalPower_Fun_Day Event to be hosted by #SambaSports Youth Agenda on Saturday 23rd Feb, 2019 at Waa Play Grounds, opposite Waa Boys High School.

Angie lost her father while at Form 2, in Coast Girls High School; with her widowed mother having to raise and educate 3 girls; herself and her two sisters.

Cultural prejudices affected her life, as her late father’s family took everything they had, as#Women_were_not_supposed_to_inherit_property!!

Empty handed, Angie struggled through high school, having to beg for as little as bus fare to school. In one such ocassion, Angie was forced by her late father’s relatives to write an official letter to justify why she should be given bus fare to school!

After finishing high school, Angie had to find something to survive! She joined a dance group where they used to perform in corporate functions

Armed with her dancing Skills, and a self-belief to succeed, she later joined a drama group, Horohoro thespians, performing shows to earn money.Angie joined SAFE Pwani programs, doing edutainment skits and facilitations for HIV programs and safe water systems and Counseled women on GBV. She did 2 movies under Safe Pwani, #NiSisi and #Watatu.

She fully joined Screen productions with her first production on KBC’s #Dosari. She also joined Ashiner Pictures where she took lead roles in #Utandu and #Sumu.Through acting, Angie supports her mother and family, and she was able to pay her way back to college.

Currently, Angie is the lead Actress with #MAZA series, and was nominated to be voted as the best actresses nationally.

Come and Inspire our girls, Angie.



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