SambaSports Donates Fotballs to Golini Rangers FC

December 25, 2018

SambaSports Youth Agenda joined other partners including KWEA and HURIA to support Golini Rangers Football club during their Club launch at Golini Primary School, on Saturday 22nd December 2018.

Golini Rangers was launching their Club officially, and were seeking support from well-wishers to enable them run the club in 2019. The club has both Junior cate

gories as well as senior categories of teams. They have an U-13 team, U-15, U-20 team and the senior team.

SambaSports Youth Agenda was attracted most to the U-13 side as it fits well in the core objectives and philosophy of our organization. So SambaSports donated 3 quality footballs to support the U-13 team to ensure the young players have playing facilities all the time and to dissuade them from indulging in habits that might harm their talents, their careers and their lives.

SambaSports Promised to work closely with Coach Masusa aka Hamisi Marjesh to inspire talents development and steer young people away from Drug Abuse, Juvenile Crime and Violent extremism.


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